Manchester Mistress Foxx - Wrestling

As a Domme & a competitive / stubborn female, wrestling is my perfect D/s activity.

I can offer different wrestling styles / sessions ranging from competitive to fantasy.


Both Domme & sub try O/our best to pin or submit each other. Session keeps a friendly tone, though it is a true test of strength and skill for both.


Both Domme & sub adjust their strength / skill level to equally match each other or to create a skill balance that is appropriate for the given scenario.


Can involve anything from role play, costume, or specific scenario set up. Can be semi-competitive or a one-sided domination bout in the Domme's favour.

I am completely self taught but don't be fooled into thinking that means I don't know what I'm doing or I will give in easily because I won't. I have a gymnastic / fitness / weight training background & I use all of that to my advantage.